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All fics are good length, from 40min up to 9 hours long, so these should keep you company for quite some time. I have listened to and loved all of them.
(fyi podfics are audiofic…essentially audiobooks!)
Just Destiel for now, remind me later and I can do…

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Castiel gave Dean a warm but brief squeeze before kissing Dean’s neck in a quick peck and unwrapped his arms from around him. Dean felt the sense of loss immediately and before Dean could turn around, Castiel slapped him hard on his right ass cheek. Dean jolted from the sharp pain and whipped around. Castiel’s retreating form was already at the door and without turning around informed, “You slept through breakfast. Out to lunch in forty five minutes.” He finally stopped and turned to Dean, “I washed your clothes from last night and put them in the chair.”

Dean glanced over to the chair beside the bed and found his clothes thrown neatly over the back of it.

“You didn’t need to do that, Cas.” Dean stated the obvious and Castiel nearly rolled his eyes.

“There was- evidence- of our extracurricular activities all over everything.” Castiel said.

Dean’s nose crinkled as he squinted in disgust.

“Yeah, exactly. Plus, I really like the way you looked in that shirt.” Castiel added.

“No way! A Metallica fan?” Dean asked in both disbelief and hope.

“Well, I’m more of a Megadeth fan but I do enjoy Metallica, yes. The irony of Master of Puppets is something I can agree on. And, well, I meant the shirt looks good on you.” Castiel answered and blushed before he turned to leave. This time he disappeared, right before he could see Dean’s own blush. He headed for Castiel’s shower rubbing the spot on his ass which was still on fire.  [X]

And about my fingers and fucking comment: [X]



what i would GIVE for the naked scene to just be cas walking out of dean’s room naked and that’s how they drop the canon ball

i mean it wouldn’t be that hard (nah, the hard stuff would happen off screen if u know what i mean~~)





"misha says an upcoming scene has full frontal nudity and he steps out; everyone freaks it takes a sec for cas to realise it’s bc he’s naked"

"I’m just one of you"

When people ask if I actually find a video game character attractive





The Digital Surreal Worlds of Gediminas Pranckivicius

Gediminas is an Illustration and Concept Artist from Lithuania






oh my god


oh my god