What is it with Destiehellers and latching onto issues that aren’t there? Yes, Supernatural has loads of issues but queerbaiting is not one of them, that’s an issue with Misha not the show

First of all, stop this name calling business. People are ALLOWED TO BITCH! I don’t know where people got it through their heads that to mention, piss, moan and groan about shit they don’t agree with that people see, say or do actually warrants name calling. 

People have opposing feelings, attitudes and views. So WHAT?!

SPN ‘Family’ my ass. All of you people who keep at each other’s throats are perpetuating fear propagated division. It is senseless in the context of REAL issues in life. People are starving. People don’t have clean water to drink. Children have no mothers or fathers because a bomb took them all away and they wander the streets half naked, scared and hungry. People have to pick through garbage for enough scraps for something to sell for just a little bit of coin to feed, clothe, shelter their family. People are crouched in their homes, scared shitless that an insurgent are going to rip through their home or a missile. In the bigger scheme of what really fuckin matters… does someone’s disappointment or upset over character shipping or show direction really mean any fucking thing? 

If you answer anything other than “No” then you need to really evaluate your awareness.

Next, just because something doesn’t AFFECT YOU doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter! Reality is 100% perception. If you think your perception is the only true one… then you have no real understanding of how your brain works. Everyone’s feelings matter… how about people put away the damn clubbing sticks and use their fuckin mirror neurons evolution gave them? You know… so you can EMPATHIZE with your fellow humans?!

We are here to unify, not divide… a house divided cannot stand… neither can a fuckin community or a planet.

On to Queerbaiting…

Urban dictionary- When people in the media (usually television/movies) add homoerotic tension between two characters to attract more liberal and queer viewers with the indication of them not ever getting together for real in the show/book/movie.

It is a new term but that doesn’t mean that this element is not real in primarily TV media. It’s been around a looooong time. Xena? A great example of early days of ‘queerbaiting’… back then we called it pandering, subtext and just plain playin us for fools.

I personally think queerbaiting always starts out as fun for writers… they play with elements and snicker and have a good time, actors too. Viewership growth either not being realized to have anything to do with the subtext or seeing it as a bonus. Not really realizing they are building hopes up. By time they do that, it is too late to go back and say, “Oh… we were just playin’” cause then they are going to really piss a group of people who are already having a hard time with not being treated like the pun… people who are struggling with equality and fighting society for normalization of who they are. No, typically what they do is go, “You were just seeing things… that was never our intention.”

And just because you didn’t see the subtext, doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. I’ll go back to Xena… some fans were pissed as hell at the notion Xena and Gabrielle had lesbian subtext. They didn’t see it at all and the show runners denied it tooth and nail… but guess the hell what?! After the show ended?! It was admitted there WAS subtext and Lucy Lawless said straight up… Xena and Gabrielle were in love and were ‘married’.

So again… just because you didn’t see it… don’t see it… doesn’t mean it didn’t/don’t exist. You are either biased, straight or just not very good at picking up on human behavior cues which actors and writers have mastered (and have even mastered at concealing as well).

Since you asked the question… and obviously you must be interested or… wanting to use those mirror neurons… then you will read this article and try and understand JUST WHY Destiel fans are flipping out… WHY they are angry:

If you don’t read it, then you really are just more interested in the question than the answer and probably just need to stop talking about the subject all together since any further discussion would require wisdom and knowledge on the subject.

So, that being said, I would like to inquire what it is you think makes any of this “an issue with Misha”. Not sure what that means?

Misha didn’t even know about queerbaiting lol so I’m not sure how this is any of his problem. He doesn’t write for the show and he isn’t acting those scenes on his own. Carver’s own cue direction for when Misha sees Dean for the first  time after Dean kicked him out of the bunker, “Act like a jilted lover.” was not Misha’s doing or when the original plan was to have pictures of naked Dean all over the walls of Cas’ “Heaven” was not an idea made up or pushed by Misha. The line written where Dean was supposed to tell Cas, “I love you.” wasn’t written by Misha… the line from the original “The End” script in which Cas was supposed to say; “But instead, we become this. The only thing that I think we have left, Dean and me, is each other.  (unadorned sincerity) If Dean says it’s time to go out in a blaze of glory, win or lose, so be it. I’m in. But then…(smiles easily at Dean) That’s just how I roll.”

That later got changed to; “Thanks. Except I used to belong to a much better club. And now I’m powerless. I’m hapless, I’m hopeless. I mean, why the hell not bury myself in women and decadence, right? It’s the end, baby. That’s what decadence is for. Why not bang a few gongs before the lights go out? But then that’s, that’s just how I roll.”

(btw… I BEG YOU to read this entire meta on “The End”. You want to know what supposedly delusional Destiel people saw… the CLEAR SUBTEXT… here are four pages which might make you get it: )

So, yeah… not exactly sure what Misha has to do with the show causing it’s own problems with this queerbaiting issue.

Anyway, in closing I just want to remind people out there that life is too fuckin short man. Especially for fuckin shipping hate. And these people that work for these shows are grown ass women and men… if they can’t handle disgruntled humans then they might be in the wrong business. No one is going to be happy with you 24/7 and some people are just going to not like looking at your face just because. Get over it… move on.

Though I think if SPN people actually EMPATHETICALLY approached fans who were hurt and try and make peace instead of getting defensive or running from them… then shit would heal up quick… understanding could be reached. But instead… people who are hurting are made to feel like fools. If it was you… and the roles were reversed… you know damn well you would feel the same way at how these people are getting swept under the rug.

So… how about we take this hate energy and turn it into something more productive that actually HELPS HEAL THIS WORLD and everything that hurts or divides us? 

In the end… it is the only thing that even matters.








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what is happening

the wildest ride of your life

these two fuckers (literally?)






what is happening

the wildest ride of your life

these two fuckers (literally?)


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