Cas heads out to join his flock.


Metatron made it clear that even though he has lived among humans for thousands of years, he still is no closer to knowing what being human means. Castiel on the other hand does. He knows! It is something invaluable that he can try and teach the others. Metatron sealed his fate when he gave Castiel all he has read since being on earth… not only does Castiel know what it feels like to be human but now the gulf is closed between his knowing and his understanding. 

Pride cometh before a fall. Just like Lucifer knew that and felt it didn’t apply to him, Metatron is making the same mistake.


5x04 ~ The End

6x20 ~ The Man Who Would Be King

8x10 ~ Torn and Frayed

9x18 ~ Meta Fiction


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#look at this#just look at this#it’s not about some fucking mini-bar in a motel room#it’s not about dean’s tired sarcastic crack#it’s about that moment when you’re at the complete end of your rope#but somewhere across the distance there’s someone who cares about you#despite what you are and what you will become#the tiny pinprick of candlelight in the blanket of dark (via yellow-turtle)


(via yellow-turtle)


Dean and Sam are on a hunt, but Dean takes five to call Cas. Sam’s just standing there, leafing through their notes. Then Dean goes, “Okay, baby, I’ll call you later.”

Sam lifts a brow, but Dean doesn’t notice because suddenly he’s saying, “No, no, I didn’t mean it like that. You’re not a baby. Come on, Cas. You know I love you, jesus.”

And Sam can’t stop laughing because Dean turns red and says, “I didn’t mean - I didn’t mean Jesus!”


dean wuvs hugz

Can we talk about how Sam and Gabe apparently take their hair inspiration from the Kennedys






Thank you. I feel better now.

Thank you. I feel better now.